Final Week: Main Street Electrical Parade

The bulbs, the dragons, the enchantment: Here's your last chance to enjoy the Disneyland classic.

Finding some curb to sit upon while enjoying a parade?

It's as hallowed a Disneyland Park tradition as that first dill pickle of the day or comically striking a pose for your Space Mountain photo.

The chance that the section of curb you choose will be located near a slight bend or a corner? That happens, as the Anaheim theme park's famous parades do wend and twist around attractions and other features as they make their way from a spot located near it's a small world to Town Square, near the park's entrance (and vice versa, of course).

And, without fail, regardless of your age, a person can find herself, mid-parade, staring at that corner, hoping one more delightful float or character will appear, meaning the parade hasn't yet ended.

Which is all to say this: The Main Street Electrical Parade is about to round that final proverbial corner, Disney devotees.

The classic, bulb-bright procession, which returned to the park in time for its 45th anniversary, is winding up its multi-month run, which started earlier this year in January.

The final date is Sunday, Aug. 20. 

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There are two parades each night — and no surprise, they happen after the sun goes down, the better to let all of those bulbs so charmingly glow — and fans'll start finding spots hours in advance.

There are dining packages, too, that give people an opportunity to sit or stand in a designated section, though those often book up far in advance. Still, checking, just to see if there's a spot, is always a solid plan.

Pete's Dragon is one of the best-known sights from the venerable spectacle, as are the cute bugs that bob and blink along the route.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs dance along the Main Street Electrical Parade, too, and Pinocchio makes a playful appearance.

The frolicking characters and charming, on-the-move floats stay in many minds long after the parade has wrapped, but so does the Main Street Electrical Parade theme, a song that can easily get stuck in one's head, if one is lucky.

It's a synth-sweet version of "Baroque Hoedown," and if you're not already humming it at the mere thought of the parade, give it a few minutes, and it may find its sprightly way into your thoughts.

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