Find Cheese-Tasty Delights for National Blintz Day

The classic rolled pancakes are available for pre-order and pick-up on April 8.

The Milky Way

What to Know

  • The Milky Way is located at 9108 Pico Boulevard
  • Available for pre-order and pick-up on Thursday, April 8 ahead of National Blintz Day (April 9)
  • $12 for two of Leah’s Cheese Blintzes with Strawberry Preserves and Sour Cream; $72 for enough blintzes to feed 8-10 people

Whether you're planning a whole host of blintz-based dishes for Shavuot this May, or you're thinking of ways to celebrate National Blintz Day, an appetizing April event, or you're simply craving a dairy-delicious, fruit-zesty rolled pancake, you can find your blintz-based bliss at a few notable restaurants around Southern California.

One such eatery?

It's The Milky Way, a favorite for picking up kosher plates for Shavuot and Hanukkah (luscious potato latkes are on the menu), as well as a host of hearty lunches and dinners, with Truffled Mac and Cheese and Cedar Plank Salmon standing as two savory stand-outs.

But National Blintz Day is on the horizon, on April 9, and, soon after, the observance of the Feast of Weeks in the middle of May.

And The Milky Way will have toothsome and tempting blintzes for both.

Leah's Cheese Blintzes, which boast both strawberry preserves and sour cream, are available for pre-order and pick-up for both holidays, and for everyday eating, too.

Just need two? You can order a pair of pancake-perfect treats for $12 from the restaurant's regular menu. Though, honestly now: Once the blintz enjoyment begins, two blintzes may not seem like quite enough.

Thank goodness there's a larger order, one that will cover 8 to 12 people, for $72. These catering trays, which brim with blintzes, are available for purchase in honor of National Blintz Day.

Oh yes: Be sure to use the code BLINTZ21 when you order for April 8 pick-up, if you'd like to be entered to win a $50 gift card.

As for swinging by for these classic confections? You can do so on April 8, and, yes, they'll be ready to be warmed up and enjoyed.

National Blintz Day is celebrated on April 9 (though sometimes April 3), but you can snack upon these special sweets any day of the year: Blintzes are always the best choice when it comes to a cuisine that contains yummy elements of both dinner and dessert.

The "Leah" in the name of these goodies, which are good for breakfast and at all other meal and non-meal times of the day?

Why that would be Leah Adler, of course, the mom of director Steven Spielberg and the much-loved and fondly remembered co-founder of the much-loved Pico Boulevard restaurant.

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