Find Halloween High Jinks (After Halloween)

Did you let the spooky season get away from you? There are still a few terrifying to-dos around town, as November begins.

What to Know

  • Halloween Horror Nights wraps Nov. 4
  • Wicked Lit ends Nov. 10
  • Delusion's "The Blue Blade" continues into December, with a February 2019 return

Oh, Halloween.

You're no longer a single day of the year, but a full-on month of spooky celebrations. 

And when we say "month" we actually mean that you start around Labor Day, or just before, when jumbo bags of candy corns pop up on the store shelves and the earliest theme park extravaganzas begin to eerie-up our weekend evenings.

Which all leads to this: Nowadays, for many fans of the macabre, the night of Halloween can come too quickly. Or, at the very least, a Halloween maven can find herself on November 1, feeling as though she let a number of phantom-fun events pass her by.

But this is Southern California, one of Halloween's main addresses thanks, in large part, to our fantasy-making industries, which means that a few frightful happenings have stretched their bony fingers into the month that follows October.

So, it is November, yes, but where can you find a few jumps, scares, and eeks? Look to...

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Halloween Horror Nights, at Universal Studios Hollywood, which will continue to amaze and maze-up the lives of scare-seeking adventurers through Sunday, Nov. 4. Been to the "Stranger Things" experience yet? Or dared to board the Terror Tram? This is your final chance for 2018, so get brave, get bold, and prepare to face Michael Myers, and a host of other pop culture baddies.

CREEP: A W A K E, at ROW DTLA, takes the concept of "Adventurous Avant Garde Theatre" and pushes it forward, inviting guests to become part of the skin-tingling tale. Ponder this: "What if your nightmares kept repeating, night after night?" Find out, through Nov. 4, 2018, as this theatrical, you're-involved event keeps the knees-quaking vibe high, even days past Halloween. 

Delusion's "The Blue Blade": This sold-out, so-sold-out, completely-totally-ish-sold-out event was so sold-out-y that the team behind it decided to add a bunch of new dates, beginning in February 2019. Those'll run through to late June, at a location that is shared once you buy a ticket. What will you experience? A thrilling and mysterious knot to detangle, where, yes, you're essential to the de-tangling. It's been one of the sensations of the SoCal spooky season; see why.

Dark Harbor: Dare you venture to one of the best-known haunted places in the Golden State for a series of shadow-filled mazes, talented sliders, and a host of characters that look as if they were at sea just a bit too long? Then set sail for the Queen Mary, in Long Beach, before this annual mazes-and-more extravaganza pulls up the planks on Friday, Nov. 2.

Wicked Lit: The Chimes and the Corpse: If you've heard about the drama vignettes presented at a real mausoleum, then you're not alone, for this production keeps building the buzz, year after year. Mountain View Mausoleum in Altadena is the spot, and the two presentations, "The Chimes: A Goblin Story" and "Teig O'Kane and the Corpse" will both wrap on Saturday, Nov. 10.

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