Find St. Patrick's Day Fun at the Original Farmers Market

Cheerful decorations, stirring bagpipes, and corned beef at Magee's Kitchen are holiday staples.

Original Farmers Market

What to Know

  • Thursday, March 17; entry is free, while food and drink are additional
  • Music, including bagpipes, will ring out around the landmark throughout the afternoon and evening
  • Magee's Kitchen will be serving its famous corned beef plates, while E.B.'s Beer & Wine Bar will have Guinness and green beer

If you love music, chances are you've experienced it in several different settings, from stadiums to concert halls to spacious parks.

Each place has its own personality and pluck, and a location can add a particular tonality and texture to a performance, qualities you'll admiringly associate with the venue long after the show concludes.

Take the Original Farmers Market, a place that has become known for its global eats, nostalgic details, and clocktower'd charisma.

The public market is a celebrated spot for shopping and snacking, but if you time it right, you might hear the USC Marching Band adding a big and brassy note to its airy alleyways, or mariachi musicians playing timeless Christmas carols, or a bagpiper upping the St. Patrick's Day spirit.

And hearing bagpipes in a vintage, open-air market, as each note wraps around the stalls and flows into the sky? It's a true and truly unique thrill, one you can experience, for free, each March 17.

Lucky you, if this is just what you're craving: A bagpiper will return to the Third & Fairfax landmark on St. Patrick's Day 2022, all to add a sonorous note to the joyful occasion from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. (Glen the Bagpiper will be stirringly performing the happy honors).

Other musical treats will follow the festive bagpiping, including a show from The Merry Minstrels on the East Patio from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. and more music at The Market Tavern from 6 to 8 p.m. (Celtic Camerata will be summoning the spirit of Eire).

This is all free to see and savor and soak in, but if you want a corned beef plate from Magee's Kitchen, one of the best-known places to pick up the classic meal, you'll want to arrive with funds.

And funds should also be available should you have a hankering for some Guinness, or green beer. Both will be on the pour at E.B.'s Beer & Wine Bar on the West Patio.

Will you be wearing green? Of course you will, because you'll want to match a hue that's long played a pretty part in the picturesque market's iconic image.

For fans of the Original Farmers Market are famously fond of its light green chairs, seats that fill the venue's outdoor spaces, and its striped awnings, too, which feature a rich forest green.

Which means that, yes, it is always sort of St. Patrick's Day at this beloved hangout, whatever the calendar happens to say.

But when the bagpipes can be heard throughout the market, echoing off various booths and weaving around the cute tables, fruit stands, and clocktowers?

Then a market maven knows that March 17, one of the merry destination's merriest days, has truly arrived.

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