Fish ZZZs: Aquarium Family Sleepover

Tuck in close to where all of the crabs and otters snooze.

So many of our childhood bedtime books revolved around what exactly animals do when the sun goes down, tales that not-so-subtly encouraged us to also fall fast asleep.

Do you remember these books? The cows find some nice hay for the night, and the birdies go beddie-bye in their favorite nest. As for the fishies? Well, the ocean denizens run a gargantuan gamut, from mammals to cephalopods, giving us an array of sleep stories to marvel at from our locations on dry land.

But sleeping alongside the planet's watery residents isn't something we typically are invited to do, unless a special aquarium event is involved. And one is just ahead, at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, on Friday, Jan. 13.

The Winter Family Overnight isn't a school field trip-type situation, but rather a happening for parents and their young fish fans to roll out the sleeping bag in what might be termed a highly unusual setting.

But the night isn't just about closing one's eyes and dreaming of the snoozing sea creatures nearby; you'll arrive at 5 o'clock, giving you and your kin a few hours before pillow time to "take a tour of the aquarium in the dark, using specialized lights," where you'll "discover and learn about amazing animal adaptions."

It's like a bedtime storybook come to life, only you're there, with the animals featured in the pages. A scavenger hunt, pizza, and an early-morning cereal breakfast are also on the docket.

You'll be home in time for cartoons, or chores and errands, if that's the more probably outlook, on Saturday morning, as everything wraps by 7 a.m. (the aquarium residents will have already stretched and yawned, proverbially, as fish, as a rule, don't sleep in like we humans like to do).

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