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A Princely Bev Pours at Barker Hangar

Pinot Days return; close to 100 pinot producers are gathering.



    A Princely Bev Pours at Barker Hangar
    Pinot Days
    Pinot is pouring at Barker Hangar on Saturday, Jan. 15.

    Some might argue that cabernet is the best match, wine-wise, for the coldest days of the year, aka January. But a Southern California January, while certainly soggy at times, isn't as January-y as other places, meaning a slightly lighter red is probably the better match for the month.

    Enter Pinot Days, which is back for its second annual go-around on Saturday, Jan. 15. Just shy of 100 makers of pinot goodness will be at Barker Hangar, setting up the glasses in which some 300 types of pinot will get poured. Then, there will be the talking with the fans, the explaining of notes and highlights and backlights and afterglows and such.

    The fun stuff, in short.

    There's an arrive-early, VIP deal going on, too, which will offer more of a region-by-region look at the wine. A general ticket is $60, VIP is $100, and both have a small fee. Plus, there are other goings-on surrounding the weekend, if 300 pinots to sample just aren't enough. Here they are.