Free Birthday Ice Cream: New at Jeni's

The scoop shop is honoring the country's birthday with a treat for all birthday-having customers.

You might be currently in the process of stowing the celebratory items associated with the Fourth of July.

Perhaps you've just folded the patriotic bunting for another year, and you may have put the pool toys away, and the sparklers, too.

As for the ice cream scoop? That won't be relegated to the back of the utensil drawer, as it is still summer, but, still, it might be taking a post-Independence Day break, after all of the hard scooping it so admirably completed over the holiday.

But don't take too long of a vacation away from cold, scoopable, flavor-kapow'd treats, especially if you have a birthday coming up sooner or later: Jeni's Splended Ice Creams, the started-in-Columbus-Ohio company, is launching a new get-free-ice-cream-yum special.

The deal, which kicked off on America's birthday, is this: If it is your birthday, and you can show identification to prove that, or you're a kid with an adult who says it is your birthday, you'll score a free "single, standard, or trio size ice cream in a cup or cone."

Surely you have a birthday in your future? At some point over the next 365 days? 

Local Jeni's locations include Venice, Los Feliz, Larchmont, and Calabasas. Flavors on the current roster include Cream Puff, Mocha Black Cherry, and Peach Lassi Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt.

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So, scratch that. Don't stow your ice cream scoop too deeply in the utensil drawer, for there's a lot of summer still to come, and important ice cream eating to do.

And if you want your ice cream for free? On your birthday? Head to your nearest Jeni's, where your gratis glacial goodie awaits.

Need a reminder about this? Jeni's can help you with that.

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