Free: Grand Avenue Cultural Fest

Art workshops, tours, and an "instrument petting zoo" with the LA Phil fill out the colorful day.

Many a city boasts a dazzling district where cultural choices abound, the sorts of mind-broadening treats that include opera and theater and museums of all sorts.

And while the people of those cities might describe such districts as being quite grand due to all of those excellent offerings, there is one city where "grand" is in the official name of the area's lovely line-up of cultural gems.

That city? Why it is Los Angeles, yes, you're 100% correct (if you guessed that), and Grand Avenue is indeed the sublime stretch where symphony and drama and sculpture and gourmet cookery flower in hundreds of different ways.

Ways that traditionally include a ticket or entrance fee or bill, at least sometimes, but not on Saturday, Oct. 29. That's the date of Grand Ave Arts All Access, a free-to-all day that showcases some of the spectacular treats to be found inside and around the iconic buildings that cluster close to that grandest of avenues.

Get up-close with "more than 10 participating cultural institutions along Grand Avenue" on Oct. 29, including The Broad, REDCAT, and MOCA.

Activities include nabbing a chance to play conductor to "a small orchestra," or visiting the LA Phil's instrument petting zoo, or touring the '60s-spectacular Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, or participating in a sugar skull-making activity at Central Library.

Saunter wherever your curiosity takes you, and when you arrive, you may encounter a pop-up musical performance, the chance to sing in Walt Disney Concert Hall, or another uplifting moment created to bring locals closer to the arts in a host of zippy, zesty, and soul-embiggening ways.

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Yes. Soul-embiggening.

This is, after all, Grand Avenue, and when you rock such a handle, you've got to live up to the hype that handle implies. And Grand Avenue does, every day of the year, via a host of operas and ballets and musicals and installations.

To dip into all that, on a fine fall day, for free, is, well, you got it... highly grand, in every sense of the wonderful word.

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