Free Meow Fest to Purr at the Annenberg PetSpace

The feline-fun adoption fair will feature cat pro Jackson Galaxy and other purrful pursuits.

What to Know

  • Saturday, June 15
  • 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Complimentary bites and sweet cats to meet

Do you feel a purr-a-ful draw to felines?

Are all of your purr-suits built around meeting cats, hoping cats like you, working hard to make a good impression on cats, and maybe possibly finding a cat to be your fur-ever companion?

We mean, these are real life goals, for many of us, so don't raise your back or hiss at where we're going with this (fe)line of thinking.

For cats are the sweet, scratchy-tongue'd center of the universe for many animal-loving humans, and making room for them in our homes is a heart-big, super-kind thing to do, for both parties involved.

Here's the next step to take on the feelin' feline front: Go directly to the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace in Playa Vista on Saturday, June 15 for the cuddly-cool Meow Fest.

It's an adoption fair, but one with a few extra tender touches.

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There'll be complimentary bites, if you need to keep your cat-cuddilng energy up, and Jackson Galaxy, that wunderkind of the whisker set, will be there to speak on Catification 101: Environmental Enrichment for Cats.

True story: Every person who lives alongside a padded-foot friend does wonder how exactly they can make their meower's life better, happier, and more fulfilling.

Do make a reservation for this seminar, ASAP, if you're interested.

Meow Fest is all free, it is purring from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and there shall be information booths, too. And what cat lover isn't down to prowl around some educational feline-focused booths?

Answer: No feline fan is not down to prowling for cat tips.

Pad this way, and scratch here, like a cat takes to a carpeted tower, for more information.

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