Freeform's ‘Halloween Road' Tickets Are Going on Sale, Sisters

Bubble bubble: This popular pop-up always sells out faster than you can say "hocus" or "pocus." Best get ready to speedily summon your spot.

Halloween Road

What to Know

  • Tickets to the Freeform celebration at Heritage Square Museum go on sale on Sept. 1, 2021 at 10 a.m. PDT
  • Halloween Road will unfurl from Oct. 1-5; displays and activities will include eerie odes to "Hocus Pocus" and more
  • $37 and up

We dread being the ones who have to tell you this, but we must: There's no need to break out a bubbling cauldron, nor your luckiest wand, should you want to attend "Halloween Road," the ever-popular pop-up that celebrates Freeform's "31 Nights of Halloween."

You will, however, have to secure and pay for a ticket online. And those sought-after tickets? They go on sale on Wednesday, Sept. 1 at 10 a.m. PDT.

The outdoor display-laden spook-out will take haunting place at Heritage Square Museum, a location that is lined with real-life Victorian mansions, structures that can seem spookily cinematic on even the sunniest afternoons.

So, for sure: Those up for the beautiful-if-chilling mood of the evening affair, which will include atmospheric odes to some of the best-known, best-loved movies and TV shows of our youths and adulthoods, will want to materialize at the destination, which is just off the 110 Freeway, for a night of revels.

Sisterly high jinks, courtesy of the "Hocus Pocus" characters, will add amusing oomph to the areas devoted to the 1993 classic, while fans of "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" will want to Zero in on the Halloween Town-inspired frights.

And "Addams Family" aficionados will only need to snap their fingers to find themselves in the wickedly charming world of Morticia, Gomez, and the rest of the creepily cool characters seen on the small and big screens.

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Keep in mind, dear witches, wizards, Things, and Its, that the 2021 celebration will be an in-person event that will unfurl, like an enchanted cloak, outdoors (Freeform staged a drive-thru in 2020).

And remember: Tickets will surely disappear as quickly as a magical bubble seen atop a cauldron-based concoction pops.

Where are tickets bubbling, starting on Sept. 1? Why sisters, you only need look to the "Halloween Road" site.

By the by, Freeform also announced its October 2021 line-up on Sept. 1, which truly makes the first day of the ninth month the official start of Halloween Eve.

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