Get Smart ‘n Tart Tips for Knott's Boysenberry Fest

Some berry good festival information is available at the Buena Park theme park's site.

Do you need a line-up of helpful tips when entering a theme park, especially a theme park you might have visited before?

Most people would probably say a big ol' "nope" to such a suggestion, because figuring stuff out, as you wander amid the rides and restaurants, is part of the adventure.

But there are a few special events that pop up at our most coaster-tastic destinations, the sort of happenings that require a little advance study, should you want to maximize, and merry-ize, your visit.

And merry-ize your visit to the Knott's Boysenberry Festival, you absolutely should, for the famous fest only sweetens up our worlds over one month of the year.

That month just kicked off, and runs through April 28, so your next course of appetizing action, should you plan on attending, is to pore over the special page of festival tips.

That's "pore," not "pour," though if you want to pour over the page, with all of the ooziness of Knott's boysenberry syrup, well, you do you.

Knott's knows, after all, how to get the best out of the fest. Some straight-from-Knott's tips?

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Here's a super-solid one: The theme park suggests purchasing the $35 tasting card, which'll give you "8 tastings of boysenberry sweet and savory treats."

Those featured tastes in 2019 include the Boysenberry Elote and Boysenberry Pot Roast over Boysenberry Mashed Potatoes.

Another boysenberry-tastic tip? Check it out: You can purchase a live plant, one that, yes, produces boysenberry, during the festival. Where to go? Near where you enter Ghost Town.

Other helpful do-thises (we do love the do-thises surrounding a major event) are on this page, including how to get the best out of the entertainment choices popping up during the festival.

Boysenists, there's practically a month to go on the stickiest 'n sweetest celebration on the calendar. Pour, er, pore over all you need to know faster than you can catch a boysenberry in your mouth or down a bite of boysenberry pie.

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