Get the Scoop on Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

The annual event arrives during a mighty sunshiny stretch for SoCal.

What to Know

  • Tuesday, April 10
  • Participating Scoop Shops
  • Noon to 8 p.m.

We're forever in that eternal, overly dramatic dance that exists somewhere in the netherworld between "need" and "want," but all the over-thinking, and fretting, and "should-I-really"-ing briefly flies out the nearest window when Free Cone Day returns.

We speak here of the Ben & Jerry's holiday, the one that pops up in the springtime, the occasion that only wants to see you enjoying an ice cream cone that you paid exactly zero dollars and zero cents for (if an occasion can be said to actually want anything or have desires).

It's among the merriest of days, truly.

At least where free ice cream is concerned it is, and if you don't mind a bit of a queue, or more than a bit of a queue, or no queue if you're lucky, then head to your nearest participating Scoop Shop on Tuesday, April 10 from noon to 8 in the evening.

Surely you crave ice cream in the forenoon, but 12 o'clock is the start time, please note. (No one is judging you for wanting a sweet scoop in the morning, because we've all been there, frequently, and without shame.)

Will there really be a line? The Ben & Jerry's at The District at Tustin Legacy, the only Ben & Jerry's in Orange County, gave out almost 7,000 cones in 2017.

An intriguing note from this shop: "(G)uests are welcome to get in line as many times as they wish to fulfill their free cone desires."



Can you request a cup if you're not hankering for a cone? Yep.

Can you have the flavor you like? You should always have the flavor you like, which is pretty much a life outlook we all should subscribe to, in most if not all matters, when both possible and sensible.

Can you go to whatever shop you want? There are several Southern California locations on the line-up, from Santa Monica to Burbank to Tustin.

Check in with your favorite Scoop Shop, though, to make sure they're Free-Cone-Day-ing it on April 10. It's advice as solid as ice cream is soft.

Free Cone Day turns 40 this year, meaning a lot of people have enjoyed a lot of gratis goodies over the decades. Don't miss out, remember your sun hat, and be sure to wear your comfiest, ice-cream-eating-est shoes.

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