Get Your BBQ on at Smorgasburg LA

No barbecue invites for the holiday weekend? Or plenty of invites but you still want more? Look to the ROW DTLA to-do.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Sept. 2
  • Free entry

Okay, truth time: No one wants to get tetchy over a holiday weekend.

Well, truth time again: No one wants to get tetchy, ever, because feeling prickly over a situation not in your control can make you blue. 

But if an acquaintance is throwing a full-on, fancy condiments, build-your-own-sundae barbecue over Labor Day Weekend, and you're not on the invitee list, well, a fog of tetchiness can understandably enfold one's soul.

The Scene

What to do, where to go and what to see

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There are other outdoorsy, food-filled, people-watchable spots, however, besides your cousin's friend's co-worker's backyard.

Take, for instance, Smorgasburg LA, which has thrown barbecue-themed events in the past, events that have proven to be so popular that, well, the ROW DTLA event is doing it all again.

The "doing it all again" date is Sunday, Sept. 2, which is sort of the tippy-top of the barbecuing pyramid, all told, as far as dates go (it's the last day of the weekend that isn't technically a "school night").

Getting into Smorgasburg LA? Like the best barbecues, it is free, but you'll want to bring cash for all of the hard-working vendors making your tasty vittles. 

Those vendors at BBQ Day will include Bartz Barbecue, Bludso's BBQ, Highland Hickory, and several other smoky, savory pro grillers.

And to round it all out, during the dessert course? Because saucy ribs 'n such always need some sweetness at the end?

There's Ice Cream Alley, the popular warm-weather pop-up at Smorgasburg LA. But alas: This is the final date for this year's run of Ice Cream Alley, so get your cone/waffle/cup on, with jimmies and whipped cream on top, if you're going to, for summer is ending and the ice cream is... melting?

You get us. Barbecue, ice cream, and holiday weekend sunbeams are ahead, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sept. 2, at Smorgasburg LA.

Feeling tetchy? Are there barbecue invites out there lacking your name? Tetch not: BBQ Day is quite the thing, at the ROW DTLA food-tacular.

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