Get Your ‘Home Alone' Pizza at This Studio City Pop-up

The CVT Soft Serve team has recreated Little Nero's Pizza from the film with the crust-tastic help of LBK Pizza LA.

CVT Soft Serve

What to Know

  • Dec. 18-20, 2020
  • LBK Pizza LA in Studio City
  • Delivery available through DoorDash, GrubHub, and Postmates

So you're flying to Paris in the morning, along with a huge and fractious group of family members, and you're all feeling mighty peckish for pizza, as you well might the night before your trip.

How do you stave off a grumbly stomach? You have a stack of pizzas sent to your suburban Chicago house, the kind of snow-covered manse that's been brightly lit for the season.

But you say that you're not in Chicago? And you've no plans to jet off to Paris right now?

No worries: You can still find some "Home Alone"-style magic over the weekend ahead of Christmas 2020, thanks to a Little Nero's Pizza pop-up that's McCallister-ing up a Studio City pizzeria.

Joe Nicchi of CVT Soft Serve, along with co-pizza-planning pal Jesse Wilson, came up with the savory Christmassy scheme, a playful pop-up that's coming to flavorful fruition with the help of LBK Pizza LA.

The scene? You can enjoy a saucy round 'o pie served in a classic Little Nero's Pizza from Dec. 18 through 20, 2020.

You might even spy the Little Nero's delivery car out front, so be sure to pose for a picture before you dash away with your dinner (and do, of course, observe social distancing and other smart guidelines as you take a quick snap).

But you say you're happily home alone and you're definitely not thinking of going out?

There are ways to get your cinematic supper delivered, through DoorDash, GrubHub, and Postmates. (The pop-up has appeared on Eater LA and a host of local foodie sites, so plan on a very busy weekend for the pizzeria.)

So throw on some fragrant aftershave and your coziest red sweater, and slide a vintage movie in the ol' VHS player, all so you can enjoy hot and classic pizza when your Little Nero's box arrives.

And, of course, be sure to keep an ear out, while you munch and movie-it-up, just in case Marv and Harry are in the neighborhood.

Check your doors twice, then have another slice, feeling that Kevin-style confidence that you've got Christmas under control this year.

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