Go ‘Through the Looking Glass' at This ‘Wonderland'-Inspired Pop-up

Consult your pocket watch, run for the nearest rabbit hole, and head straight to The Green Room for this sprightly spring celebration.

The Green Room

What to Know

  • The Green Room in Burbank
  • Thursday, April 13 through mid-May; Thursdays through Sundays; reservations recommended
  • The limited-time cocktail menu includes desserts like "Down the Rabbit Hole" and an assortment of fanciful libations

The chances of you encountering a long-eared individual as April begins, the kind of furry fellow that may have a bit of bounce in his step and a plethora of facial whiskers, are pretty high.

We are, after all, hopping in the direction of Easter, when hares are everywhere and whimsical moments are plentiful.

But if you see any regal rabbits after the holiday concludes, the sort of hoppers that wear tweedy waistcoats and rock super-fancy pocket watches, you may want to follow them to an "Alice in Wonderland"-themed realm, an enchanting overlay soon to debut at a Burbank bar.

The Green Room

For "Through the Looking Glass," a limited-time happening at The Green Room, will debut on April 13, all to give Alice aficionados the offbeat opportunity to quaff cocktails and snack on confections inspired by the famous Lewis Carroll tale.

"Down the Rabbit Hole" is one luscious offering, a stylish dessert that features "Ube Crepe Cake, White Chocolate Ube Mousse, Pistachio Gelato, and Candied Pistachio." Oh yes: You may spy a certain iconic chapeau, belonging to a certain madcap milliner, sitting alongside your treat.

On the libations side of the menu? The "Buzz Off" includes Don Julio Blanco and a host of tangy additions, including yuzu and ginger. Plus? Oh goodness: Grand Marnier whip.

Bright blossoms, gnarled trees, colorful playing cards, and other wonder-laden decorations will add to the storybook atmosphere.

Rabbit holes, at least the magic ones, don't stay open for long, and the "Through the Looking Glass" experience will be open on Thursdays through Sundays for a limited time.

You won't need to make a reservation to attend but they are recommended.

Figure that an advance reservation saves you from checking your own fancy pocket watch, over and over, while hopping, er, hoping to get a seat at this sweet springtime reverie.

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