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Good Morning, It's Time for Goat Yoga

Centennial Farm at the OC Fair & Event Center welcomes a few kids from the Fountain Valley Cloverdale 4-H Club.

What to Know

  • Saturday, April 21
  • Costa Mesa
  • $40

Ever been out and about on a Saturday morning, all to take care of stuff and get things done?

You might just get asked, by your spouse, upon your return home, the following question: "How were the kids?" It's an apt query, if you happened to have your children with you while you were erranding, but it could take on a different meaning on Saturday, April 21.

That's if you book your spot at the Goat Yoga Experience, a one-day-only happening at Centennial Farm at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa. For there shall be kids there, as in adorable baby goats straight from the Fountain Valley Cloverdales 4-H Club.

Heard of goat yoga? We'd say "it's all the rage" lately, but "rage" is the opposite of what transpires during a smile-filled session. Yoga practitioners, as in the humans, are full of grins as the goats stroll near their yoga mats, interacting with them and sometimes even standing on the occasional back or nuzzling a face.

Full of grins and more laughter than the usual yoga class, which is usually pretty quiet, hears.

The cost is $40, and like other goat yoga sessions that have popped up around Southern California — or do we mean "hopped" up? — it will completely book up faster than you can bleat.

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We'll leave the bleating to the kids as you choose which 90-minute class you want to join. There's a 10-11:30 a.m. and a class running from noon to 1:30.

Spectra Yoga instructors will be leading the poses and peaceful contemplation.

Note that there's also a Fun Farm Day bubbling up at Centennial Farm, a free to-do which invites visitors to take photos and "enjoy playtime" with the baby goats.

Registration? "(N)ot required" but helpful.

The Cloverdales 4-H Club will also be selling treats as a club fundraiser, so buy a goodie and help the support the club.

"So, how were the kids?" You might get asked that on Saturday, by a friend or a spouse or relative, and your answer could very well be "gorgeously goaty" or "full of happy bleats" or "especially impish."

Don't sit back on your heels, though, or your hooves: Book now, before both classes are as full as a baby goat is cute.

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