Grammy Museum: Jim Marshall's 1967

The LA Live music institution will feature the photographer's moment-making work.

If it is the weekend, and it is your house, and there's a sweet hi-fi nearby, or an audio dock, or an 8-track player, or a radio dial permanently set to the station you've loved for decades, chances are the melodies, harmonies, and beats are flowing fiercely.

Grammy Weekend, of course, is no different from other weekends in music-loving households, though it should give every music maven a bit more to hum to, in terms of the history of popular entertainment, the titans of the industry, and how we've reached now, in terms of the tunes that reign.

It just so happens there's a local rockin' repository that contains a loving and lively look at the last several decades of popular music, in all of its incandescent incarnations, from new wave to soul to country to pop.

That's the Grammy Museum, of course, which is open to the public in the days ahead of the Sunday, Feb. 12 awards show.

Look to current exhibitions like "Hey! Ho! Let's Go: Ramones and the Birth of Punk" to find your tale-packed fill of interesting music history, and anticipate future exhibits, shows just on the horizon, like "Jim Marshall's 1967."

The exhibit, which celebrates the photographer's lens-iconic take on that year-iconic time, is being "(o)rganized by The San Francisco Arts Commission in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of San Francisco's Summer of Love." 

That's right: A half century has passed since those music-changing, everything-changing historic few months. But modern fans of the era's sounds and styles and messages can re-visit all the vibes going down around Golden Gate Park and beyond through Mr. Marshall's iconic photographs; some 60 will go on display.

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"Jim Marshall's 1967" debuts on March 10, 2017, and unplugs the proverbial amp just ahead of summer, on May 14, 2017.

To eye all of the current exhibits at the Grammy Museum this Grammy Weekend, as well as permanent exhibits, and to find more on the upcoming Jim Marshall show, following the cheering stadium crowds to the L.A. Live-based music institution.

Photo: Jimi Hendrix performs a free concert in the Panhandle. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, June 1967, © Jim Marshall Photography LLC

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