HangTime, Knott's New Dive Coaster, Gets an Opening Date

Thrill-seekers of SoCal, those free-falling feelings are due sooner than you think.

What to Know

  • Knott's Berry Farm
  • Buena Park
  • Friday, May 18

To make the claim that something great is happening sooner than one thinks it will is to align with how many of us approach a lot of exciting possibilities in life. 

In short? Things we're really anticipating, like, the stuff we're super-stoked about, has a way of arriving in quite the pokey, no-hurry-no-worry fashion. Doesn't it, though? 

We want the fun faster. Truth.

And when it comes to attractions set to debut at theme parks in the summertime? Most people likely assume those openings will happen after Memorial Day Weekend, the traditionally observed start of the summer season, if not actual summer.

Prepare to find that super-stoked feeling in your heart, lovers of zoomy rides, for HangTime, the oh-so-buzzed-about dive coaster headed to Knott's Berry Farm in the summer of 2018, is opening well ahead of that summer-starting weekend.

You won't have to wait for the end of May, in short, for "the first and only dive coaster in California" will be dropping, literally, on Friday, May 18.

We mean, that's practically the middle of May. Surely? Surely.

The Buena Park theme park first revealed that HangTime would rise, rise, rise at the destination's Boardwalk area beginning last summer, and, in November 2017, an animated POV take of riding the coaster was shared with fans.

The strap-in, go-fast fervor has been building hard, no doubt.

So bet on thousands of coasterbuffs heading for the park to try out HangTime's much-discussed "15-story 96-degree drop — the steepest drop in California."

Ready to hang there, for a number of seconds, before that free-fall feeling sets in? Eager to take on those five "gravity-defying" inversions?

Best start to wrap your mind around that now, for May 18 is on the near horizon.

It's a date that's as near to the April 4 opening date reveal as two really close things can be, and far nearer than we were when HangTime was first announced in early August 2017.

Clear your calendars, coaster people, for HangTime isn't hanging back any longer.

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