Happy 30th, Fraggles!

Red and Mokey mavens will raise a cocktail at the Hollywood Roosevelt.

The term "earworm" is a funny word. It simply means a song prone to getting stuck inside heads, playing over and over and over.  

To us it has always sounded a bit like a Henson Creature Shop creation, something fuzzy and adorable. Thus it makes sense that those high-jinx-lovin' Henson people are behind some of the biggest earworms in pop culture history. There's the "Manna Manna" song and the opener to "The Muppet Show" and there is, of course, the theme to "Fraggle Rock."

Did you just sing "down at Fraggle Rock, down at Fraggle Rock"? Yep. That's one wonderful, fuzzy earworm.

"Fraggle Rock" is still on our minds, and in our hearts, and strumming through our ears, some three decades after its HBO debut back in 1983. (Or Home Box Office, if you prefer.) We love Red and Mokey and all the esoteric and strange Fraggleana that filled that particular tune-filled world. 

Very tune-filled, "Fraggle Rock" featured over a hundred original ditties.

Many people remain enamored of that rare and joyful Rock, and many of those will be out to celebrate the Fraggles' 30th Anniversary on Wednesday, April 24 at The Spare Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Hosted by The Jim Henson Company, the bash will include a specialty cocktail called "Enjoy the Architecture" -- yep, it is a Fraggle reference -- and special Spare Room playing cards full of Fraggle images. Those are $10, if you'd like to take a pack home.

The Spare Room is a posh place for games galore, so the Fraggle-y playing cards fit the setting like a Fraggle fits a cave. Well, in other words.

It's a grown-up soiree, let us note: You'll need to be 21 or older. Also, it kicks off at 10:30 p.m. Yep, 10:30 p.m., which likely was not an hour you were allowed to stay up and see when the Fraggles first graced TV.

But then the Fraggles were always a bit iconoclastic and rock and roll, weren't they? They did jam out in a Ben Folds Five video last year, after all.

Now we're off to sing the theme song, oh, a dozen more times.

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