Hello Kitty Cafe Irvine Has a Lively, Lemony Pop-up Menu

A tart 'n spring-ready menu is popping at the super-cute Irvine venue, but only for a short while.

Hello Kitty Grand Cafe/Yulia Reznikov

What to Know

  • Hello Kitty Grand Cafe
  • 860 Irvine Center Drive in Irvine
  • Lemon tarts, lemon mini doughnuts, more

The lemon may be a citrus that says "summer" to many people, but for Angelenos? It's a fruit that definitely has those February-meets-March vibes.

For trees are bursting, from Arcadia to Anaheim, meaning kitchen bowls are brimming with juicy, peel-ready goodness.

To mark the lemon's annual re-entrance into our lemon-loving lives, the Hello Kitty Cafe Irvine is featuring a number of fruitful temptations on its menu, but only for a short time.

Which means this: As the trees become lush with lemony loveliness, we can find sips and snacks that boast the lemon's bright character.

In the mood for tangy tastes?

Here's what is on the pop-up menu: A lemon honey Hello Kitty pocket pie, a lemon tart, and lemonade with mint.

Mini doughnuts with a lemon-y liveliness are also making the sweet scene.

And we do mean "sweet," for the cafe is famous for its other fanciful confections, including a birthday cake, a mixed berry pocket pie, and other delights.

Is this lemon-vivacious vision a first true sign of summer?

Don't wait for summer if you'd like to take some of these doughnuts or drinks home.

Swing by the Hello Kitty Cafe Irvine site now and order your citrus-strong sweets, signs that spring really does arrive in Southern California weeks before the equinox arrives.

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