Heritage Hill’s ‘Haunted Adventure’ Awaits

The OC Parks treat, which howls over two nights, is for the 12-and-up crowd.

Haunt at Heritage Hill123
OC Parks

What to Know

  • Oct. 11 and 12, 6:30-10:30 p.m.
  • $10
  • 12 and older

An area that's called a "scream zone" might at first seem daunting, but consider how helpful it is to know, in advance, that you might scream while within the appointed zone.

For in scary films, and TV shows, characters don't always know when they're stepping into an eerie area, one that is rife with monsters and jump-startle sights. But at the Haunt at Heritage Hill Historical Park, a mid-October treat from OC Parks, there are scream zones, letting anyone who braves one know that frightful figures may lurk within.

Beyond the scream zones located in the Lake Forest-based destination, there are game booths, too, and music.

Plus? Attendees are welcome to dress up, if they've already got their Halloween costumes going, or are thinking of trying a prospective get-up out.

The dates are Friday night, Oct. 11 and Saturday night, Oct. 12. Guests should be age 12 or older, so promise the younger tots at home that they'll have another Halloween-fun adventure soon.

Important to know? Best leave that mask you're planning to don on Halloween behind. They aren't permitted at Haunt at Heritage Hill, and you should skip any face paint, too. There are a few things to know, in fact, so do "bone" up before you go.

Speaking of bones, we're not sure if you'll encounter any skeletons in the scare zones, but you will encounter creatures and other icons of October, the sort of scaries that do love to show up when people are looking for a few frightful moments.

The cost is ten dollars per person.

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