Hey, It's National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Find a spicy $1 deal at Pizza Hut on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

You don't have to be an expert on food holidays to know, somewhere deep down inside, that various forms of pizza is going to score multiple occasions during the calendar year.

Because just saying National Pizza Day — which is Feb. 9, by the way — leaves pie-craving people demanding even more, like a holiday for cheese pizza, say, or a special day devoted to another type of specific topping.

If you're in this deep, then you know all about the 20th of September, which is all about one of the most iconic pizza styles out there: pepperoni.

It's National Pepperoni Pizza Day, and you don't need to roll too far — that's a pepperoni joke, of course, as pepperoni, being round in shape, can roll — to find some kind of deal.

In fact, there are a pair of money-savers going on, so take a peek well before you need to find lunch or dinner.

Pizza Hut has an online special on for Sept. 20, and it goes like this: Purchase a large pizza from the menu, then spend another buck and nab a large pepperoni pizza. That's right, one dollar, one large pepperoni pizza pie, if you buy another large pizza at regular price online. The code? Oh yeah, it's PEPPERONI1.

Chuck E. Cheese is also going the National Pepperoni Pizza Day route with that involves buying a large pizza from the menu. After that? A free Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza is yours. The code? It's #5485 in-store. So no dallying: Get to your local Chuck E. pronto.

And hang tight, if you don't sate your pizza cravings on National Pepperoni Pizza Day: The next pizza-themed national food holiday is right around the corner.

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