Historic Hollywood Eatery Adds Rooms Ahead of Its 100th

Musso & Frank Grill, which is marking its centennial in 2019, will gain three new rooms.

What to Know

  • Musso & Frank Grill
  • 6667 Hollywood Boulevard
  • Three new spaces will debut soon after the landmark's centennial in late September

"Set in stone" implies that something cannot be moved, and won't be changed, and is mighty intractable, and will stay the same way for, well, eternity, perhaps.

A certain set-in-stone-a-tude can settle into some of our favorite landmarks, the kind of places that have not only weathered the decades, but triumphed, too, creating a fanbase through delicious eats, perfect drinks, warm atmospheres, beautiful settings, or a knack for all-of-the-above-ing the whole thing.

Musso & Frank Grill, which turns 100 in 2019, is one of those special spots that does things the way they've long been done, which its fans adore and return for, eagerly.

But set-in-stone-a-tude hasn't set in at the Hollywood Boulevard eatery, which recently revealed that it will add three new private dining rooms this fall.

The rooms are slated to open just after Musso & Frank's 100th anniversary, which is Sept. 27.

How notable is this? Check it out, history buffs: "The growth marks the first time since 1955 that the restaurant has added new dining space to its historic Hollywood Boulevard footprint."

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If you're playing along at home, that's 64 years, a fact that can inspire a person to sing a few bars of The Beatles' "When I'm Sixty Four" while substituting Musso's into the lyrics.

While you're humming that, consider this: Musso's, as it is frequently called, has an Old Room (that's where you walk in, from either the parking lot, via stairs and a short hallway, or Hollywood Boulevard), and a New Room (that's where the bar is located).

Leaving fans to ponder this: What will the upcoming additions be nicknamed? The Extra New Rooms? The Super New-New Rooms?

And, yes: The existing New Room hails from 1955. No, it has never lost its "New" handle.

No, it never should.

The three private dining rooms, by the by, have been in the works at Musso's for a decade now. Two of the spaces will be able to hold larger groups, capping at 100 people, while eight to 10 people can enjoy the cozier nook.

A pair of retail shops once stood where the dining rooms are taking shape. The restaurant served as the landlords to the shop, and has long planned to take over the spaces, which are found on the east side of Musso's & Franks.

As far as entrances go?

There'll be a red-carpet entryway off Hollywood Boulevard, as well as a way to head into one of the three dining rooms from the parking lot area in the back.

And, if you're among Musso & Frank's "most distinguished, privacy-seeking, VIP guests," you can arrange in advance to enter the dining rooms via the kitchen.

One thing to watch for when the addition opens? There'll be a foyer with Musso's & Frank's memorabilia, with menus and "other artifacts" on display.

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