Hole'd Up One Second: It's National Doughnut Day

Delectable deals that don't cost too much dough abound around town.

What to Know

  • Friday, June 1
  • Cake Monkey, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts, Cavatina all have specials
  • dineL.A. is launching Donut Trek

Recommending you up and change your plans on Friday, June 1?

Suggesting that you reroute the routes you already routed and redo the to-dos you're going to do? All because it is a holiday devoted to doughnuts, an eternally obsessed-over edible?

We wouldn't dare suggest any of that, but mostly because we know that either A) you've had National Doughnut Day, which is June 1, on your calendar for months and have planned accordingly or B) indulging in a doughnut is an act that doesn't take much time and isn't, as treats go, particularly spendy.

So here we are: June 1 is the big day, plenty of places will have specials and freebies, and, if they don't, visiting your favorite bakery and plunking down a couple of bucks on a cruller or jelly-filled nosh feels like a fine way to say "thank you" to the hard-working bakers, all while treating yourself to a very Friday-ish foodstuff.

Because, really... isn't the taste of Friday doughnut-flavored?

Here's what's happening in the doughnutverse on Friday, June 1...

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Krispy Kreme: Do the words "no purchase required" put a song in your sweet-seeking heart? This national purveyor of highly eatable glazed goodies is giving those who stop by "a FREE doughnut, no purchase required." Those caps convey the emotion of the day, truly.

Dunkin' Donuts: Oh happy day. Buy a beverage, like that forever-famous Dunkin' Donuts coffee, and score a free classic doughnut on June 1. Classic choices suggested by the beloved donut-making powerhouse? Boston Kreme and Vanilla-Frosted with Rainbow Sprinkles. This all starts at opening. Mmm.

Cake Monkey Bakery: You're near mid-city, you're hankering for a doughnut, but you'd also like a trio of well-made doughnut holes, and you'd like those three for free? You're in luck, for Cake Monkey is giving away three spiced coffee cake crumb doughnut holes with every purchased doughnut on June 1. "While supplies last" is the word, though, so go early.

Blue Star Donuts: If you dig Funfetti anything, take note, and head to one of our region's Blue Star locations for the Poppin' Funfetti doughnut, a treat that's being released in time for National Doughnut Day. Adding to the love? "A portion of the proceeds" will help out Wags and Walks. Mighty sweet, Blue Star, and mighty kind of you to answer our need for Funfetti in all forms.

Magpies Soft Serve: Talk about an offbeat and tempting spin on the occasion. If you're one of the first 50 people at this Silver Lake shop on June 1, you'll be treated to a free doughnut hole topping atop your soft-serve treat (the shop suggests the Vanilla Latte soft serve, the "classic coffee and donut combo reinvented"). That's a great and different way to take your doughnut, oh yeah.

Cavatina at Sunset Marquis: Dining at this stylish spot? At breakfast or lunch? Oh hooray, because staffers are delivering free doughnuts to diners during those two meals. Will you pop a doughnut after eating your egg white wrap or seared ahi tuna? It's a fact that the confections pair well with anything.

Crème Carmel LA: If you're more of a bread pudding buff, but you still crave the taste of doughnuts, stop by this Sherman Oaks favorite for a limited-time, get-it-soon, starts-Friday dessert that's, wait for it, oh gosh, a doughnut bread pudding. Doughnut. Bread. Pudding. Three perfect words, all in a row.

Nectar Bath Treats, a new shop at Universal CityWalk, doesn't have the munchable sort of doughnuts, but the fresh retail experience boasts "donut-inspired soaps" as well as a "Donut Love" wall (yep, you can take your photo in front of it). Of course, if you need an actual doughnut, Voodoo Doughnut is just down the way, and Lard Lad's giant pink treats are inside the theme park.

dineL.A. Donut Trek: And if you're hoping all of the doughnut delirium will extend beyond June 1, be cheered, for dineL.A., which is behind the mondo Restaurant Weeks, is launching a Donut Trek from June 1 through 30. Want to know where all of the most iconic sweets may be found? And discover special dineL.A. Donut Trek doughnuts as you go? Delightful doughnut destinations await.

DTLA Donut Festival: The doughnut-based anticipation continues, for DTLA Donut Fest is popping up at Union Station on Saturday, June 16. "The Whole Donut Marketplace" is part of the yummy scene, as are doughnuts that can be customized at a special Flavor Bar. It's free to attend, but, yes, do absolutely register.

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