Hollywood Bowl's ‘Supper to Go' Experience Reaches Its Finale

Following the general schedule of a traditional season, the enjoy-at-home dining choices will bid farewell as summer ends.

Hollywood Bowl

What to Know

  • Hollywood Bowl's 2020 Food + Wine program
  • Ends Sept. 19, 2020
  • The Season Finale package includes a pair of barbecue platters, as well as a bottle of vino and a seafood platter, too

You don't even need to consult a calendar to know when a tried-true-and-tuneful Hollywood Bowl season begins and ends.

For if you're a devoted concert goer, and a longtime supporter of the celebrated cultural venue, which marks its centennial in just a couple of years, then you know the Bowl's dates as well as you know the setlists of your favorite bands.

The start of the season? It's somewhere in the middle of June. The conclusion? If summer is wrapping, so are the alfresco shows at the Hollywood Bowl.

And while there were no live performances over the summer of 2020, in response to the pandemic, the team behind the bandshell'd icon deliciously decided to give fans at home a literal taste of the Bowl.


By introducing Supper to Go in June.

But all wonderful shows, and dining experiences, must come to an end. And following the pattern of a traditional Bowl season, the dining experience is about to bid adieu, just days ahead of fall's arrival.

The name of the appetite-whetting experience says it all: You can order and pick-up your dinner in curbside, contact-less style at the Highland Avenue venue, or have it delivered by Postmates

Inside your bag? A quintessential gourmet meal created by the celebrated culinary team of the Hollywood Bowl.

Adding to that summer-night-outside feeling? A wine list, reflecting some of the venue's top bottles.

Choosing what to order, to replicate that outside-under-the-stars feeling?

That's a hard one, especially because the Supper to Go staff just introduced a Season Finale package, which boasts "... two BBQ platters, a seafood platter, and two bottles of wine."

Other packages include the $59 "The Mulholland Drive," a "3-course meal with your choice of summer fruit salad and alaskan halibut or tenderloin steak, crushed fingerlings, and chocolate torta," and the $39 "The 101," a "3-course meal with your choice of chicken with potato-tomato gratin and cookies or 'green greek' chopped salad and torchio pasta."

So set up a blanket on your own balcony, if you'd like to enjoy your Bowl bites by starlight, and dig in as you dream of past evenings spent with thousands of other music lovers, and wonderful evenings still to come.

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