Hurrah, Warner Bros. Tour Extends SoCal Deal

Locals can continue to save money on this movie-fun tour.

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Robert Mora/Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

What to Know

  • Warner. Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood in Burbank
  • Through Dec. 19, 2019
  • SoCal residents can save $15 (zip codes from Bakersfield to San Diego)

December and the film business is a power-packing duo, one that sends movie critics to the keyboard, all to talk about awards, big stars, and box office hits.

But sometimes? Cinema lovers want a different way to do December, in addition to trucking over to the local multiplex to see the major holiday releases.

We want to know what's behind the script, the camera, the costumes, and the acting, and how the whole shebang comes together in such seamless and compelling fashion.

Few outfits can explain that as clearly, and as engagingly, as the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. It's been around for years, and attracted repeat visitors, because it takes an in-depth look at soundstages, props, backlot areas, and how a film or television show so memorably comes together.

And it is giving its Southern California neighbors something of an early holiday treat. Nope, this treat won't arrive in a wrapped box, but it will come in the form of a discount, one that is good on a SoCal ticket to the tour.

As for what constitutes a "neighbor"? Hello Bakersfield, and you, too, San Diego. The zip code zone is wide on this one, so see where your home address falls in nabbing that deal, which'll give you $15 off a tour through Dec. 19, 2019.

That's right: The recent SoCal Resident deal was just extended by a few weeks, with a wrap-up just ahead of Christmas. That's as sweet as a candy cane, if you're looking for a couple of delightful December hours where you're not madly swept up in seasonal preparations.

And we do mean "delightful," for not only will you toodle by the stages known for housing "Friends" and "Pretty Little Liars," but you'll get to visit Stage 48 at the end, where you can sit on the Central Perk couch, pretend you're a Hobbit from "The Lord of the Rings," or board a broom, like Harry Potter might.

Ready to enjoy this perk, and do the holiday movie season in a different way? Start here, film fans, for one of the most behind-the-scenes-y outings around, and your very special local discount.

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