IMAX Brings ‘Pandas’ Back to Theaters For a Limited Run Nationwide

IMAX is rereleasing the documentary "Pandas" for one week only.

What to Know

  • "Pandas" will be released for one week starting Aug. 17th.
  • Kristen Bell narrates "Pandas."
  • There are only 1800 pandas left in the world.

Pandas are adored around the world, but there aren't many of these creatures left. In fact, the World Wildlife Fund says there are only about 1800 pandas left in existence.

Filmmakers say the documentary "Pandas" was created to help raise awareness of the panda plight around the world.

The film was originally released in April in select theaters, and now IMAX is releasing the film nationwide for a one week engagement. Director Drew Fellman says he hopes the wider release will allow even more people to see this family-friendly documentary and grow a deeper appreciation for, not just pandas, but all wildlife.

"Pandas" is narrated by Kristen Bell ("The Good Place") who says she learned a lot by being a part of this film. As an avid animal advocate, she says she feels even more deeply connected to these creatures.

The film follows Qian Qian (pronounced Chen Chen), who was selected from a group of roly-poly baby pandas for her stubborn streak of independence and affectionate nature. The movie is a visual treat with sweeping views of the forested mountain region in China's Sichuan province, where some of the world's last populations of wild giant pandas chomp bamboo, clinging to life in the face of encroaching human development.

In the summer of 2016, equipped with GPS tracking collars and IMAX cameras at the ready, Qian Qian took her first lumbering steps into the wild. You can watch what happens from there as she makes her life-and-death journey into her natural habitat.

"Pandas" opens August 17th in IMAX and IMAX 3D for one week.

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