It's a Crispy Chicken Smash Giveaway

Buy a Crispy Chicken Smash at Smashburger on Jan. 12 and score another one for free.


What to Know

  • Sunday, Jan. 12
  • Participating locations
  • The fast casual chain is introducing customers to the new and bigger version of its fried chicken sandwich

Planning a lunch out with a pal? Maybe, when you ran into each other over the holidays, you promised it wouldn't be so long this time, which means getting together in January, not July.

Here's a flavorful incentive to meet up with that pal, a cousin, a co-worker, or anyone you like sharing a hearty dining experience with: Smashburger just changed up its Crispy Chicken Smash, its chicken sandwich that is known for its cracker crust.

The filling foodstuff just got bigger, by 70%, or rather the chicken breast did, while lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo, too (the bun is also the same "classic" as before).

To spread the word about this appetizing update, there's a giveaway that's pure comfort food, and comforting to the wallet, too: It's a BOGO deal, on Jan. 12 only, and it involves buying a Crispy Chicken Smash and also getting a free one for your friend.

Making the fried chicken sandwich unique? Fans can customize it, adding toppings such as Truffle Mushroom Swiss.

Still stowing the seasonal decorations, and plan to do so all weekend long? Here's your lunch break, on Sunday the 12th, a go-out that isn't too dear, money-wise: Buy that cracker-crusted Crispy Chicken Smash and get one gratis, oh yum.

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