It's Adorable Goat Yoga, but With Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Adorableness all around: Stretch out the seasonal knots and kinks while rocking a whimsical jumper. Nearby? Ultra-cute goats will roam.

Hello Critter

What to Know

  • Hello Critter Goat Yoga
  • Dec. 18 at 10 a.m.; $23-$50
  • Burbank Foothills

The annoying shoulder knots, the hip tightness, the random all-over kinks that come and go?

They can seem even knottier, tighter, and flush with uncomfortable kink-a-tude as December deepens, and we don't even need to list the reasons why (stress, rushing, traffic, to-do lists, forgotten errands, missed gifts, oh, the knots are building).

Taking 90 minutes to unknot the sore spots seems like such a solid idea, but if you can also do it while rocking an ugly sweater, one that has a tinsel-bright snowman on front, while among sweet goats?

This is no fanciful Christmas movie or holiday dream sequence: That can really happen, if you sign up for a sunshiny stretch-it-out session with Hello Critter Goat Yoga.

For the yoga-instructing, on-the-road outfit, which is known for its kid-cute, mat-based merriment, is ready to quirkily combine the yuletide spirit and animal adorableness on Dec. 18.

Which means that, yes, kids, of the goat-ish variety, will roam by people performing downward dog poses, and deep stretches, during the event. But those humans, and the Nigerian Dwarf goats, as well?

They'll all be wearing a bit of festive finery.

So find your favorite loud sweatshirt or sparkly cardigan and book your spot. It's all blissing-out in the Burbank Foothills, and the exact location will be given once you purchase your entry.

But don't up your stress by stressing over finding Christmas-type wear; you're welcome to attend in your traditional yoga togs, too, no candy cane appliqués required.

Hello Critter holds yoga classes throughout the calendar, but a pop-up near the end of the year feels extra special.

Sign up now, and gain an instantly charming anecdote to share with family and friends on the Christmas Day Zoom calls, one that involves goats, sunshine, and, yes, a whole lot of ugly holiday sweaters.

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