It's National S'mores Day, Gooey Goodie Fans

Find the campfire-fun dessert in ice cream form around Southern California.

Courtlynn Schoen/EyeEm

What to Know

  • Coohaus has pints of its Campfire S'mores ice cream, available in several local stores
  • There's a s'mores sundae at Humphry Slocombe
  • McConnell's Fine Ice Creams will release its new s'mores flavor in September

So you've been on a bingefest, and you've watched every last declutter show twice, though you've revisited the kitchen clean-out episodes more than a few times.

And you've looked at your own kitchen drawers, all to determine what utensils you can live without.

The kumquat de-peeler? The Hollandaise spoon?

Both can go.

But those extendable marshmallow roasting sticks? You're definitely keeping those, even if you only find yourself adjacent to a campfire once or twice a year.

For there's nothing quite like a s'more, that gooey, sticky, chocolate-rich, graham-cracker'd wonder of an under-the-stars sweet.

And hot marshmallows form the "glue" of the goodie, meaning those extendable roasting sticks are essential kitchen items, absolutely, without question, end of argument.

National S'mores Day roasts on Aug. 10 each year, but if you don't have a roaring campfire handy, and you're trying to keep cooler in general, there are ways to find the alfresco treat in ice cream form around our s'mores-loving region.

Coolhaus, which was founded in Los Angeles in 2009, has Campfire S'mores in pint form. It's " ... ice cream crafted with a salted Tahitian Vanilla Bean base, graham cracker cookie butter marshmallow swirl, and dark chocolate squares."

Where to locate this lusciousness? Look for it at Ralph's, Whole Foods, and several other markets in the cold foods aisle.

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams, that Santa Barbara stalwart (that has now popped up in other places, oh hurrah), will debut its brand-new s'mores-inspired ice cream in early September.

As for what this delectable offers? Think " ...roasted Vanilla Bean-Marshmallow Ice Cream, with dark chocolate ribbon and homemade honey graham cracker."

And if you make your way to Humphry Slocombe, you'll find a full-on s'mores sundae, with the company's beloved Secret Breakfast ice cream at its sweet center.

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