It's the Meatballiest Day of the Year

Rain is on the way, which means the ever-hearty National Meatball Day arrived in the noshable nick of time.


What to Know

  • March 9
  • Free meatballs with pizza purchase at Patxi's Pizza
  • Other classic meatball-making favorites around town include Bay Cities and Mario's

Maybe you have relatives who live in one of those "wait five minutes and the weather'll change" places.

Maybe you yourself hail from such a location, the sort of area that can see snow one minute and warm sunshine the next.

But here in Southern California? We rarely encounter that turn of phrase. Mostly, though, we do hear "we need it" when the topic of rain comes up.

And rain, and lots of it, is on the way, making March seems like chilly January. That National Meatball Day is also rolling into town, simultaneously, feels like the fortunate coming-together of cold weather and hearty eat.

National Meatball Day is on March 9, each and every year, and, to celebrate, there's a freebie afoot: Patxi's Pizza is offering a free order of meatballs with the purchase of any specialty pizza.

But other noteworthy meatballs are a"round" town, even if they're not free or part of a discount. (If you can discuss the topic of meatballs without referencing the word "round," we tip our cap.)

Sorrento Italian Market in Culver City is a longtime local favorite for the ball-based foodstuffs, while Rao's in Hollywood creates an appetizing orb that boasts veal, beef, pork, and those all-important seasoned breadcrumbs.

Are you picking up your meatballs at one of our region's longtime, oh-so-loved delis or sandwich counters? Some of the flavorful favorites include Mario's Italian Deli in Glendale and Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica (though keep in mind the popular eatery is closed Mondays).

Whether you like a single meatball topping some marinara-drenched pasta or a full-on, ball-stacked sub, you're in luck on National Meatball Day. Find your way to a spicy spot serving the filling favorite, a true cozy cuisine.

There's a storm brewing, which means we're about to experience some true meatball-eating weather.

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