National Meatball Day Is Rolling Our Way

And Patxi's Pizza has a super-filling, super-dough-saving deal on, too.

Patxi's Pizza

What to Know

  • Patxi's Pizza at LA Live
  • Free meatballs with a pizza purchase on March 9
  • Select pizzas will be $3.14 on Pi Day, which is March 14

Stealing a fry from a friend's plate?

You might get the go-ahead, if they know what you're up to, and if they don't, you could be on the receiving end of a cocked eyebrow, a stern look, or both.

Stealing a meatball from a pal's dish, however? You'd never dare. You just wouldn't. Not when meatballs are more sizable that strings of potatoes, or any other individually portion foodstuff.

It's good to have your own plate of meatballs, if you happen to be a meatball maven, is what we're saying here, and it is even better if you've gotten those filling and flavorful orbs for free.

Or free with purchase, which is just what will happen at Patxi's Pizza at LA Live on Monday, March 9.

Why, yes, that is National Meatball Day.

And if you thought about cooking up a mondo pot of pasta, and putting the time in on a pan brimming with bread-crumby, meat-hearty balls, well, you can save that work, for Patxi's Pizza will give those meatballs to you in a complimentary fashion.

Well, hold up and wait a moment: You'll need to purchase a specialty pizza to score the special. And, yep, you can choose from a Neapolitan thin crust or go Chicago deep dish.

This is a dining-in deal, do note.

But if you're all about the pies and not the balls, hold tight, for March 14 is Pi Day, which means specialty thin crust pizzas at Patxi's will be priced at $3.14.

That's on March 14 only, and the special pizzas? They're 10-inchers.

So you followed us, yes? National Meatball Day is Monday, March 9, and you can enjoy a free order of meatballs with the purchase a specialty pizza.

Saturday, March 14 is Pi Day, and specialty 10-inch thin crust pies'll be priced at $3.14 at the DTLA eatery.

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