Join The Rollettes Experience Weekend From Home

Southern California's acclaimed wheelchair dance troupe will come together, virtually, with a host of excellent online events.


What to Know

  • Oct. 10-11, 2020
  • Panels on a host of topics, dance classes, a virtual pajama party, and more
  • Free to join

Hearing music in the distance while visiting a Southern California museum, stage, or venue, then following it to its source? Then finding out The Rollettes are just beginning a performance, one you're lucky enough to see in full?

It's a fortunate moment, and one many locals have enjoyed in the past.

Of course, much of 2020 has not been about such serendipitous, in-person moments, and we've had to find much of our cultural connection in the virtual sphere.

And the wheelchair dance team, which formed in 2012, has brought that connection-strong vibrancy to its fans over the course of the pandemic, delivering a host of Instagram Live videos on a variety of topics, from how to properly stretch to dance moves to make-up tutorials.

Now those offerings, and a lot more, will joyfully gel into a larger celebration, one that will last for an entire weekend.

It's the Rollettes Experience, a "virtual experience for women with disabilities," and it is preparing for its 8th annual weekend, which is set to connect on Saturday, Oct. 10 and Sunday, Oct. 11.

For the first time ever, it will be fully online, meaning fans can check in from wherever they're located.

Chelsie Hill, the CEO and Founder of the troupe, will helm the weekend, which will include a line-up of panels ("dating, relationships, and intimacy" is one interesting topic) and a number of tip-filled seminars.

Those sessions will cover "... working out, stretching, makeup classes and dance classes led by well-known Hollywood choreographers," with the Boundless Babe Awards capping the come-together weekend (a virtual pajama party will also conclude the gathering).

"My favorite part about the Rollettes Experience is that we see women and children from all over the world bond with others like them," shared Chelsie Hill, Founder and CEO of the Rollettes. 

"We have the opportunity to connect, learn and dance. We are so honored to have built a place for women with disabilities to come together and gain independence. This live virtual experience this year will allow more women and kids to experience this community who may not be able to come to Los Angeles due to finances or physical ability."

"Connect. Educate. Empower." That's the focus of the empowering weekend, a happening that takes the vivacious values of the team and shares them with a larger audience.

Find out more at The Rollettes HQ now, and be sure to tune into the troupe's Instagram for a continuing line-up of fantastic how-tos, fun conversations, and life-enhancing presentations.

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