JPL Visits Kidspace: Solar Eclipse Fun

Enjoy activities, wonder with the two Pasadena-based institutions.

If only the sun and moon knew what an excited fuss we earthlings are making over their upcoming spin across the cosmic dance floor.

It wouldn't change their paths, of course, nor their plans to "meet up," solar eclipse-style, on the morning of Monday, Aug. 21.

Make that partial solar eclipse-style, at least around Southern California. But don't let the "partial" part sway or deter you; many people will be out, in sky-staring droves, all to watch the rare and amazing event via a pair of approved solar sunglasses or with a nifty pinhole viewer at the ready.

Two famous neighbors, or near-neighbors, at least, will pair up for the out-of-this-world party on Aug. 21: the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Kidspace Children's Museum. JPL will do the traveling — as it typically does, though to places such as Mars — and Kidspace will play the host for a morning of eclipse amazement. 

On the rocket? We mean docket, rather?

Tots and their families will be able to make pinhole viewers at the Imagination Workshop, while JPL is arriving with the solar eclipse sunglasses you'll need (plan on a beautiful exercise in sharing and turn-taking, as each family will receive one pair). Decorating glasses, too, is on the activity list.

And the Discovery Dome planetarium? Check it out at the Stone Hollow Amphitheater, and discover what "the total eclipse looks like."

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There'll also be an opportunity to view the eclipse around the country, too, via the NASA live stream.

Not everyone will be able to say that they got to hang out with representatives from JPL during the eclipse. Or that they found nifty things to do at Kidspace. It's a cool way for families to join the fascinating fun in a kid-sweet setting.

Were you a kid during the solar eclipse of '79? Find that same wonder with your own young'un, in Pasadena, on Aug. 21.

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