‘Jurassic' Record Broken for Most Rides in a Day

Not only did Devin and Chelsea loop through the Universal attraction 62 times, but there was a surprise proposal involved, too.

What to Know

  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Jurassic Park: The Ride
  • Sept. 3 is the final day before the ride closes, making way for a "Jurassic World" attraction

Question: If you rode Jurassic Park — The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood every half hour over 24 hours, would you best the record now held by ride super-fans Devin and Chelsea?

Answer: Rawr, which everyone knows is "not even" in dinosaur speak.

Because even riding the stegosaurus-filled, big-drop'd, oh-so-damp delight 48 times in a single day would put you far short of the just-set record of 62 rides.

In a day. On Jurassic Park. The Ride.

Make that far less than a day: The adventuresome couple completed 62 cycles on the water ride in 13 hours.

And while your brain may be currently adding up how many T. Rex encounters the duo bravely weathered over half a day, plus an hour, the story is as tender as a Tyrannosaurus Rex is tall.

For, yes, the couple did reach out to the theme park, stating the goal of breaking the former record of 60 rides in a day. Universal jumped as fast as a raptor and helped Devin and Chelsea fulfill their dino-riffic dream, a dream the theme park cutely captured on camera.

And the tenderness continues: Devin proposed to Chelsea on the ride, and she said "yes," which adds an adorable dimension to the eons-old attraction. 

How did the proposal go down... literally? Devin opened his slicker on the ride's final drop, during their next-to-last ride, to reveal the words printed on his t-shirt: "Chelsea Will You Marry Me?" Meaning Chelsea saw the shirt when they visited the gift shop to view the photo.

And she said "yes," which is the perfect way to cap 61 rides.

Awww. We mean rawwwr, which is how dinosaurs probably expressed emotion, at least in our imagination.

Well, okay, right, we said "eons" before, but Jurassic Park — The Ride isn't eons-old, actually — it opened in 1996, three years after the blockbuster movie that inspired it — and it is only with us for another few days.

The ride is shuttering to make way for the construction for a ride based on "Jurassic World," meaning more ancient beasties and heart-racing thrills.

As for Chelsea's pretty ring? Check it out: It's a "... custom-made mosquito amber ring inspired by the amber rocks from the 'Jurassic Park' films."

And Universal Pictures kindly loaned Devin a prototype of the Barbasol shaving cream can seen in the film, which made stashing Chelsea's engagement ring even easier. (No dinosaur DNA was hidden alongside the ring inside the can, as was depicted in the film, at least that we know about.)

If you do want to ride the ride, which is flying off as fast as a pterodactyl soars, best do so before Monday, Sept. 3, when Jurassic Park — The Ride goes extinct for good.

As for Devin and Chelsea?

All the happiest wishes and much admiration, for doing that mega drop, 62 times in one day, feels as impressive as actually time-traveling back to the age of flying reptiles and scaly super-giants.

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