Keep It Cool at the Annenberg Community Beach House Pool

Make a splash, just steps from the sands of Santa Monica, at the landmark-adjacent swim spot.

Annenberg Community Beach House

What to Know

  • Santa Monica
  • Through Sept. 6 (closed Aug. 28); hours vary by day
  • $10 adult, $5 senior, $4 youth

What's more refreshing: The marvelous moment that the very tip of your big toe grazes the water in a swimming pool? Or the instant you've fully submerged, meaning every bit of your exterior self is in cool-down contact with H2O?

There are surely ardent, aqua-obsessed supporters on both sides of the issue, but pretty much everyone can agree on the following statement: Finding a cool-down destination on a sun-scorching day is the way to go.

And if you're going to Santa Monica, or thinking of making a Pacific pop-by, here's something that is both cheerful and chilly: The Annenberg Community Beach House pool is again open daily, giving swimmers a chance to backstroke next to a building with plenty of local lore and Tinseltown cred.

The handsome structure, "... one of the remaining elements from the historic Marion Davies Estate," isn't exactly as it was decades ago — there's a new pool house — but the glamour, the sunshine, and the chance to unwind on a pool deck, or in the water, is very present.

Entry to this wave-laden wonderland?

It's $10 for an adult, five dollars for a senior, and four dollars for youths ages 1 to 17.

Passes? Oh yes: They're "first come, first served," so arriving earlier in the day is a wise move (and checking out the hours also falls under the "wise" header).

Brushing up on the pool rules? Again, we'll say it: This is wise to do, particularly in advance of visiting.

Knowing you're taking a dip at a delightful destination, one that has storied ties to old Hollywood and a beautiful beach, a sandy stretch that is just a short stroll away?

Call the Annenberg Community Beach House pool a true stand-out on the SoCal swim scene. For more info, dip a toe into this page now.

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