Kids Can Enjoy 150 STEAM Projects, for Free

Two Bit Circus Foundation and Annenberg Learner have partnered on the project, one that delivers at-home, science-cool activities to all ages.

Two Bit Circus Foundation

What to Know

  • Science-cool activities for grades K-12
  • Free
  • Find them on the Annenberg Learner site

Figuring out what to do with a couple of pieces of cardboard, or a bucket of LEGO bricks, or a few rubber bands?

It can be a bit of a head-scratcher for grown-ups, but not for the kids in our worlds. They're down on the ground in a second, and the bucket of bricks is on the floor, and the cardboard is taking shape as a spaceship or computer or robot.

Two Bit Circus Foundation and Annenberg Learner, two LA-based organizations focused on fun educational pursuits, want to encourage young people to think big during these stay-at-home days.

So both organizations have teamed up to provide free, online, do-it-at-home learning opportunities, the sort of smart and imaginative to-dos that grow a child's STEAM dreams.

There are 150 digital activities in all, and you can find them on the Annenberg Learner site.

A bonus?

"(A)ll projects come in easily digestible formats for parents, teachers and educators alike," so sorting out the steps and material needs should be a snap.

Is the young person in your life curious about Newton's Laws of Motion? There's a glider-themed building project that brings those to light.

Does your music maven want a pair of new headphones? There's a project that focuses on constructing wearable speakers that help transmit tunes.

Suggested grades appear alongside the projects, from K-2 up to high school.

Engineering nifty doodads and thingamabobs seems to come naturally to a lot of children. Giving them further inspiration, and a few parameters and goals on a project, is another step in the right, bright direction.

Check out all of the mind-growing, fun-building projects on the Annenberg Learner site now.

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