Sheep in Shirts + Farm Kittens Aww-Up Underwood

The Moorpark destination's Animal Center is still closed, but sweet snapshots are giving us the happy feels.

Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • Newborn kittens, newly sheared sheep, and cows are filling the social media pages
  • Pick-your-own is open, but please read up on the new safety policies
  • Healthy Harvest Produce Boxes, ready for shipping, are still available

As we wrap up May, this is true to say: Some venues around Southern California have reopened, but all that they traditionally offer is not yet available.

But we have social media, and intriguing snapshots, to help us fill in some of those pictures of the places we love best.

Take Underwood Family Farms, which recently reopened its "pick-your-own" feature to those guests who wanted to visit the Moorpark farm to gather vegetables and fruits in a physically distanced manner.

A number of people have been out to choose their own produce in recent days, all while keeping in mind the safety policies, such as wearing a face covering and providing a wide berth to other groups.

And yet?

The Animal Center, a forever-popular part of Underwood Family Farms, is still closed, though visitors may catch a glimpse, in the distance, of some of the beloved beasties that call Underwood home.

So what's happening with some of the mooers, er, movers and shakers of the usually bustling center?

Social media is kindly keeping fans updated.

There's a litter of new farm kittens, four in all, and they're providing the feline-inspired feels. The tea-riffic names they've been given are adorable — Camomile, Brew, Latte & Earl Grey — and the hope that they develop "new friendships" with the residents of the farm is full of cheer.

They were rescued from Norco, where they were discovered, and are now heading into their tenth week of kittenhood.

And the sheep wearing the shirts?

Nope, this isn't just a quirky turn on behalf of Underwood's staff, a whimsical way to pass the time. "This may look funny, but it is protecting this recently sheared trio from the sun and flies," revealed a post on Facebook.

Fashionable and protective. Sweet.

Calling upon the many critters of the Underwood Family Farms Animal Center is an enduring springtime tradition for many Southern California families.

It didn't and won't happen in 2020, but the fantastic social media photos are keeping us close to the delightful denizens that call the farm home.

Want to know more about pick-your-own, the social-distancing and face-covering policies, and the farm's Healthy Harvest Produce Boxes, which will be shipped to your home? Visit the Underwood Family Farms site now.

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