Knott's Spooky Farm's Charms Are Chiller

Sunshine and sweet seasonal sights serve as an alternative to the Buena Park destination's famous Knott's Scary Farm.

What to Know

  • Buena Park
  • Sept. 28-Oct. 27, weekends only, plus Halloween day (a Thursday)
  • Created for kids ages 3-11

What does the word "chiller" mean to you?

It might mean an appliance that cools cans of soda on a toasty day. It could also mean a fright film, the kind with giant bugs and flying saucers. 

And "chiller" is often used when an event or person is far more chilled out when compared to a close counterpart.

Take Knott's Spooky Farm presented by Hershey, the family-cute alternative to Knott's Berry Farm's well-known Knott's Scary Farm.

It isn't intense, like the theme park's famous and frightful nighttime spectacular, nor are creepy creatures running amuck. "Spooky" is chiller than "Scary," in short, by any definition, and this family-cute tradition is a good and gentler way to enjoy the season alongside your Halloween-loving tots.

The not-so-eerie event opens on Saturday, Sept. 28, and will run each weekend day through Oct. 27. Plus, a bonus weekday: That would be Halloween, which is a Thursday in 2019.

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Your admission to Knott's Berry Farm gets you into all of the Knott's Spooky Farm fun, which runs the gamut, from sweets to shows.

There are treat bags for guests between the ages of 3 to 11, and the chance to sweep through Ghost Town gathering goodies.

And is there a costume contest, every day Knott's Spooky Farm is happening? You bet, so have your child don her best Halloween-ready outfit. The contest is held alongside the "Monsters Are Coming" show at Camp Snoopy.

The Timber Mountain Log Ride has a Halloween Hootenanny, well, hootenannying, which is a must-stop for families that adore this classic attraction (a park favorite that recently celebrated its first half century).

One day, in a decade or two, your lil' Halloween fans might decide to try out their first Knott's Scary Farm, when they're old enough to do so. But there isn't a rush, not while this delightful daytime to-do is cheerfully trick-or-treating at the Buena Park theme park.

So is Knott's Spooky Farm truly chiller than its nighttime counterpart? It is, in all the ways, except it happens in the sunlight, not moonlight, meaning that it may be unchilly, temperature-wise.

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