LA Pride: Concerts + Parade Info

The three-day celebration has begun in West Hollywood; find out the must-dos.

So say you've had an ongoing celebration for 46 years, one that happens each and every June, a party that is full of festive spirit but also the unity of community, a deep sense of inclusiveness, and historical importance.

Add to that a parade which a few hundred thousand people attend -- about 400,000 or so -- and you've got a gigantic gathering that needs, well, one very helpful grid. 

LA Pride Music Festival & Parade can help you out on the grid front. The mega festivity, which is billed as the "world's first gay pride parade," knows that visiting the three-day, all-over-West-Hollywood party can be a bit daunting, at least when it comes to choosing what you'll do and when what you want to do is happening.

Choices, choices.

So there's the concert grid, which gives times on the Delta Airlines Main Stage, the Nissan Latin Music Stage, and the Hip Hop Stage (all located around West Hollywood Park). Want to see Trina? Make for the Hip Hop Stage on Sunday night. Or Charli XCX? You'll want to be at the main stage on Saturday night 'round about 10:30.

But even if you push it late, late, late into Saturday night, you'll want to be up and on Santa Monica Boulevard between Crescent Heights Boulevard and Robertson Boulevard for the Sunday morning parade. There's an 11 a.m. start time -- not too early, Saturday night party people -- and the aforementioned 400,000 people are expected (so a timely arrival can only help you find your perfect slice of curb).

Jewel Thais-Williams, of LA's groundbreaking Jewel's Catch One night club, is the 2016 grand marshal. 

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Floats, bands, groups of friends, and more merry participants will make the annual strut. 

Tickets to the concerts, a pride-tastic Spotify playlist, and other things that are good to know as thousands of people make for West Hollywood? Queue up here for more on one of the most venerable and vital LGBT festivals in all the world.

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