LACMA Is Free on Memorial Day

It's a Target Free Holiday Monday at the Miracle Mile museum.

Aproveche los DÍas de Museo Gratis
Alex Vertikoff

What to Know

  • Monday, May 28
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Opens at 11 a.m.

A cloudy state of May-Gray-ness shouldn't send anyone running indoors, not if they intend to spend Memorial Day outside, on a contemplative hike, in nature, or enjoying the beach, or the desert, or you name it. (This is SoCal, after all, where "you name it" is broad.)

But if this pre-June-Gloom-y weather has you pondering excursions that involve a pleasure that has walls, and a ceiling, and doors, you're likely not alone.

And, happily, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is here for you, and Target, too, for Monday, May 28 is a Target Free Holiday Monday at the Miracle Mile-based art institution.

That's right: No admission is required to enter the hallowed halls of one of our greatest museums on Memorial Day 2018, though how hallowed LACMA will be on May 28 is up for debate.

There shall be live music, courtesy of Soft Streak, at 12:30 and again at 2:45, during the day, making the museum experience a bit less ponderous and subdued.

And, really, the whole ponderous/subdued thing isn't true at all, for LACMA is a place that famously approaches the love of art with a mirthful, bright-minded, and buoyant attitude.

It's an "all ages" kind of day, and you can bet you'll see a lot of families out around the various galleries of the museum, but also visiting "Levitated Mass" behind Resnick Pavilion, and "Urban Light," too, and the lawns near the La Brea Tar Pits for some running around/releasing of energy.

Perhaps the fog at LACMA will have broken by the time the museum opens, at 11 in the morning, and sunshine will reign. Bilingual tours are available, though there's no need to hop on a tour if you'd simply like to stop by and say "hey" to a couple of favorite paintings.

What better day to "hey" them than a gloriously free one?

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