LA's Big Block Party

It's a starry heritage celebration in Grand Park.

If you were tasked with planning a block party that would be for all of Los Angeles, where would you begin?

Us? We'd probably start counting blocks, then decide how many folding chairs we'd need, and burger buns, and balloons. (For all the blocks in LA, we'd just figure several million of each, or thereabouts. Right?)

The more sensible plan, though, is to throw one mega party at the civic nexus of our city, or at least adjacent to it. Yep, we're talking about Grand Park, and the LA Block Party, which rolls on the evening of Friday, June 7.

Who is set to show at the Heritage Celebration finale? Several dignitaries, a few performers, and every citizen looking to pay tribute to the city they call home. There will be a farewell to Mayor Villaraigosa, one of the hosts of the evening, and a hello to Mayor-Elect Garcetti. Bill Clinton will stop by, too, to speak, as well as a few other luminaries.

But it isn't all about speeches (although every block party can benefit from a few stirring words). Entertainment and dance and performance is on the schedule, and, yep, the ubiquitous food trucks. A few celebrity chefs will be in the crowd, too, demoing with local foodstuffs.

Early birds, by the way, are promised free nachos from the Hungry Hog. Again, that's another classic block party touch: You gotta show up before the crowds descend on all the eats. 

The Silverlake Conservatory of Music starts at 5, the dignitaries speak at 6, and the party through 9 p.m., when Pepe Aguilar takes the stage.

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Now that is a block party: mayors, Presidents of the United States, Grammy winners, and, yep, fellow Angelenos. Even if you don't get those free nachos, there's a lot of good stuff to stay for.

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