Longest Pizza: Chefs to Attempt Record in Fontana

World Champion Pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani and 100+ pizza pitch-inners'll work to compose a truly mammoth pie.

Ordering several pizza pies for a large and famished crowd? You may have done so in the past, only to have opened the boxes lining your kitchen counter with this tremble-inducing thought: "There may not be enough pizza for everyone."

That's not going to be the case at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana when over 100 crust-focused, sauce-wrangling pizza makers meet to go for one gooey, spicy, pass-the-plates world record: the longest pizza ever made.

The Saturday, June 10 attempt is free to watch, so if you're hoping to pick up some dough-based tips, on a colossal scale, this might be the event to attend. Making it all the more thrilling is that the Guinness World Records people will be in the house, or at the speedway, rather, to do all of the important observing and measuring necessary.

As for what the team, which has come together with the help of PizzaOvens.com as well as other partners, needs to best, size-wise, on the pizza-stretching front? The 6,082-foot pie expertly assembled by Napoli Pizza Village of Naples, Italy in 2016.

Apologies, strike that, hold the marinara: That mega, record-breaking pizza was 6,082 feet and 3.40 inches.

The Fontana crew is hoping to hit the 7,000 mark, as in 7,000 feet, so best make sure the Pano feature on your camera is in good working order. Top-notch pizza-ologists like World Champion Pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani will be at the pie's side, composing, thinking, and fashioning an edible and immense work of art.

Some 8,000 pounds of dough will be used to out-pizza every other pizza ever, as well as swimming pools full of sauce (okay, maybe not full-sized swimming pools, but 5,600 pounds is a lot) and 3,600 pounds of cheese.

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After the pizza is complete and ready to eat, it will be donated to area food banks and homeless shelters, a kind-hearted addendum to an epic pie-making day. Any proceeds from the happening will also be donated to shelters and food banks.

But keep in mind that while spectactors won't get to dig into the behemoth bite, there shall be food trucks at the Auto Club Speedway, and opportunities to buy shaved ice, so do show with funds for snacking.

Start time for this showy display of sizable sauce-a-tude? Be at the speedway at 10 o'clock to see all of the crusty doings rev up. Sure, 10 a.m. might seem early for watching a gargantuan pizza come together, but raise your hand if you've never had pizza for breakfast. (Update: Judging will begin at 9 a.m. on June 10, with Chef Gemignani beginning his pizza work on Friday night.)

No hands raised? As suspected. Carry on then, true-blue pizza fans of Southern California.

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