Lucky Couple to Win an OC Fair Barn Wedding

Farm animals will be among your guests, if you and your honey are chosen.

Barn weddings?

You see them in just about every other bridal magazine nowadays, or so it seems.

And aren't they something? We marvel at the rustic but elegant locations, the strings of twinkling white lights, the Mason jars full of fancy tea, and the bucolic air to each affair.

What if, however, you could get married in a super-famous barn, while a large-scale county fair is going on, and a bunch of animals are in attendance? 

There's no need to feel sheep-ish over such a dream: Such a nuptial-ing would certainly be one for the books.

If such a quirky idea rings your particular (cow) bell, you're in luck, for the OC Fair just announced that one fair-loving pair'll win the chance to get married at the OC Fair & Event Center's iconic Millennium Barn.

The name of the contest? It's "Love Is in the Fair." So wholesome.

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Yes, animals will be in attendance at this whimsical wedding. Yes, so will clowns.

Hold up. Does that deserve a more exciting reveal? SO. WILL. CLOWNS.

Much better.

So how can this happen for you and your #1 hun-bun? 

You'll need to "... share a one-minute video on social media and tag #OCFairWedding by July 29." The video's content? Easy: Let the OC Fair's staffers know why you two are the perfect couple to enjoy a county fair wedding.

If you're chosen, you'll find out on Aug. 3. And then, wait for it, or rather don't wait, for the wedding will take place on Saturday, Aug. 10.

That's Aug. 10, 2019, so, for sure: This process will go as fast as a ring can be tossed on the midway, a roller coaster goes 'round a loop, and a corn dog disappears.

Fair goers, too, will be at the wedding, and, of course, your loved ones, we'll assume.

Best let them know where exactly the wedding will be, then repeat yourself, a few times, until they believe you.

What does one wear for their own county fair wedding? What might a bouquet look like, if a bouquet is held? Will the sheep or goats serve as witnesses?

So many questions of the quirkiest variety to ponder. 

The OC Fair opens on July 12, but perhaps, before then, you and your paramour might start thinking about what sort of video you'll make, then tag, all to snag this one-of-a-kind Barn Wedding.

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