Santa Monica

Lucky Lights to Festoon the Pacific Wheel

The Santa Monica attraction salutes St. Patrick's Day with a glittery show of green.


What to Know

  • Thursday, March 17, 2022, sunset to midnight
  • Free to see in person at Santa Monica Pier or via the Pacific Park webcam
  • 174,000 LED lights will go green, with patterns, symbols, and more

Searching for a four-leafed clover can take oodles of time, an especially keen eye, and a whole bunch of patience.

But sometimes, lucky sights are far more sizable than a wee bit of green sprouting from the ground beneath your feet.

Even sweeter? These large and luck-filled spectacles are easy to spot, and rather than looking down, you'll want to gaze up.

Exhibit A: The Pacific Wheel, the celebrated solar-powered Ferris wheel, is going gorgeously green in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

In 2022, that's happening on a Thursday, which feels especially lucky, serving, as it does, as an enticing entrance to the weekend.

But you don't need to make your way to Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier to enjoy the emerald illuminations: You can catch it all on the webcam, starting at sundown.

Which, of course, is a little later these days, thanks to the recent start of Daylight Saving Time. So keep an emerald-admiring eye out starting at 7 o'clock, give or take, on Thursday, March 17.

The wheel, which is powered by 174,000 LED Lights, will feature a few festively green hues, as well as patterns and symbols saluting the holiday.

Oh yes, and huge, and we mean ginormous, lucky shamrocks.

Perhaps those are the shamrocks you'll want to wish upon this St. Patrick's Day? Given their gargantuan girth, maybe they'll be ultra-lucky in the wish-producing department.

We'd never dissuade you from taking a pleasant hillside stroll, as you seek out the little lucky sprouts beneath your shoes.

But do pause to look up, on the evening of March 17, as the Pacific Wheel twirls and twinkles with fortune-fun imagery, shamrocky sweetness, and loads of green.

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