Magnolia's Hello-ing 2019 with Celebratory Cupcakes

The "Stroke of Midnight" treats will be available in-store through Jan. 1, as well as via ordering.

What to Know

  • Magnolia Bakery
  • Through Jan. 1, 2019
  • $3.95 each

What exactly do you do at the stroke of midnight?

If it is, say, a Thursday in April, or a Monday in July, you might answer "snore" or "turn over and fluff my pillow."

But if it is the final day of the year, and you're with friends, or a throng of revelers, or in your pajamas alongside your dog and cat, you might answer "count down, and then toast the coming year."

Why, though, are New Year's toasts always done with a crystal flute in hand?

If you're more of a dessert devotee, you may want to raise a small and snazzy cake high into the air, right when the first of January arrives.

And such sweets will be for sale through Tuesday, Jan. 1, all to honor the kick-off of 2019.

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The Magnolia Bakery cupcake's name?

It's called the "Stroke of Midnight" and it is offered in two flavors: a "vanilla cupcake filled with white chocolate truffle and topped with white chocolate ganache" is a vanilla-ist's dream, while the "chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate truffle and topped with chocolate ganache" offers an equally rich counterpoint.

Each cupcake is priced at $3.95, which, in many cases, is rather less than a flute of fine bubbly. Of course, if you want to find a flute of fine bubbly to sip alongside your Stroke of Midnight cupcake, at the stroke of midnight, that sounds like a sweet way to greet 2019.

Also sweet: The Classic Cupcake Box, which includes six classic cupcakes, is sale-priced at, wait for it, $20.19, all in honor of the new year (usual price: $23.70).

Happy cupcake-devouring as midnight chimes, cake seekers o' SoCal.

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