Make Fia Restaurant's Festive Thanksgiving Cocktails

Raise an elegant glass at home to the holiday.

Fia Restaurant

What to Know

  • The Milano Manhattan and The Wake-up Call
  • The Wilshire Boulevard restaurant recently provided its recipes for both
  • Thanksgiving to-go and other meals are available for takeout and delivery

The choice of seasonal sips are never set in stone, or cold, crystal-clear ice, if you prefer.

If you like a light red wine alongside your turkey and dressing, that's the drink to pour. If you prefer some sparkling water, all to focus on the foods on the plate, that sounds like perfection.

And if you and your sweetheart plan to raise a cocktail before your Thanksgiving meal for two?

You just may want some zingy inspiration from a Southern California restaurant known for its intriguing and classy cocktail program.

Fia Restaurant is such a place, a vittles-vivacious hub of fine dining. And in a show of gratitude to its fans, it just shared a pair of spirited libations that are fall-flavorful and made for pre-Thanksgiving enjoyment.

The first? It's the Milano Manhattan, a bourbon cocktail that speaks to some of the deeper tones that cleave well to late November.

The recipe is this: Two ounces of bourbon, five ounces of Amaro, five ounces of sweet vermouth, a pinch of salt, and two dashes of orange bitters. Then you'll want to "... stir, strain into chilled martini glass, (then) (g)arnish with an orange twist."

But wait: Did you overindulge at the table? And suddenly the sleepies are setting in, just minutes before your Zoom call with your relatives on the other coast?

Fia has a fine suggestion, if you're looking for a capper to your holiday: The Wake-up Call.

The ingredients? You'll need two ounces vodka, one ounce of espresso and five ounces of vanilla simple syrup.

Your garnish? A trio of espresso beans. Just be sure to shake it well before straining into a glass (chilled, yep, and a Martini glass, if you have one handy).

Cheers to your stylish at-home Thanksgiving sips, to staying connected to our local restaurants during 2020, and to gratitude, too.

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