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Chill Out: Mammoth Opens in Under 100 Days

If you need a cool-down count-down, here it is, snow bunnies.

What to Know

  • Mammoth Mountain
  • Opening day for 2018: Nov. 8
  • IKON Pass available for purchase now

Most of us, it can be confidently stated, don't take too kindly to someone telling us to "chill out" or "chill down" or whatever "chill"-related phrase suggests that someone in our vicinity believes we've grown hot-headed and over-heated.

But we are hot in our heads, and everywhere else, at the moment, and feeling over-heated? It's a very much a shared experience in Southern California, as August 2018 begins.

So we are definitely looking for someone to tell us to "chill out," and that someone has arrived in the form of Mammoth Mountain, which schussed onto social media on the final day of the seventh month to remind its frost-loving fans that ski season is not all that far-off.

In fact, the much-anticipated Opening Day for the Sierra Nevada ski destination is just under 100 days out, as of Aug. 1.

Ninety nine days? So doable. So crossable. And so easy to weather, even as the actual weather sweats 'n swelters.

The first run of the season at the big mountain'll happen on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018, so set your countdown app, if you have one on your phone, to that date, and start dreaming of brisk breezes and fierce freshies. 

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True, Mammoth Mountain was still open as July became August in 2017, making it one of the longest seasons ever for the popular peaks. The case has not been the same in 2018, a less snowy year, but Mammoth did push on to Father's Day 2018.

And Father's Day was 45 days ago, counting back from Aug. 1. So double that, add a couple of weeks on, and it is like Opening Day is nearly here.

We're chilling out now at the very thought. Also helping the chill-down vibe? You can buy your Ikon Pass now.

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