Mateys, It's Time to Build a Cardboard Yacht

The splashy, sometimes sodden Annenberg Community Beach House showdown is pure summer sweetness.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Aug. 25
  • Annenberg Community Beach House pool
  • $15 to enter a yacht

How long does a tough piece of cardboard last?

"A good stretch of time" is one probable answer, if you store things extra sweetly. "Through my last three moves" might also work, depending upon how well you treated your box each time you unpacked your books and/or the blender.

"When it has been in the pool for a few minutes" is not something you're likely to hear, however, as a follow-up to that particular question. For water has a predictable way of making cardboard, if not initially sodden or limp, quite moist and highly soggy within minutes.

But that's no deterrant for the Southern Californian seafaring adventurers who build miniature cardboard boats each summer. Or perhaps "poolfaring" adventurers is more apt, for they construct their crafts with one goal: to race at the Annenberg Community Beach House's annual Cardboard Yacht Regatta.

The not-at-all-lofty, so unstuffy regatta will boldly cross the chlorinated waves on Saturday, Aug. 25, 2018 at the Santa Monica landmark.

Eager to try your hand at yacht building?

Here's what you can use: corrugated cardboard and duct tape. That's it. Don't peek behind this post searching for more words, or underneath, for that's the whole list of what's allowed for your vessel.

A few other good-to-knows?

Motors are completely nope, nope, nope.

Also, two people must be in the yacht at the same time, so if you're building your H2O-besting beauty as a group, best have a conversation about which sailors'll be steering the yacht to pool-soggy glory on the big day.

Cost to enter a yacht? It's $15.

Time to build?

We'd start now, as of late July, and take a month to really dig deep into what's going to make several pieces of corrugated cardboard and strips of duct tape keep your team's adventuring duo above the waterline as the cross the popular swimming hole.

Also, you'll want to zazz it up, because, yeah: This is a yacht. Think big on the visual presentation front, for a lively crowd always turns out for this one.

Details? Put on your captain's hat now and read all.

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