May You Find May the Fourth Festivities

The most "Star Wars"-y day on the calendar is light-speeding our way.

OUE Skyspace LA

What to Know

  • Friday, May 4
  • OUE Skyspace LA, Disneyland, Riverside
  • Prices vary

Eat a chocolate egg in June and suddenly, in your heart and mind, it's like Easter has arrived. True or false? (True.)

Watching a spooky movie in February and it can feel as though Halloween is calling upon wintertime. (Also totally true.)

And whenever you watch a "Star Wars" film, or don a Darth Vader costume for a convention, or board "Star Tours: The Adventure Continues" at Disneyland Resort, there's a strong feeling of May the Fourth on the galactic breeze.

For May the Fourth, as in "may the force be with you," is the widely acknowledged, festively celebrated holiday that's all about a mega-big megaverse beloved by millions.

Hi. That would be "Star Wars."

And even though many of our "Star Wars"-loving lives are pretty darn May the Fourth-y throughout the calendar, there is only one May 4 per year. Fact.

It's a Friday in 2018, wheeee, and there are a few Force-tastic events going on, wheeee again, so find your favorite Wookiee, rev up the Falcon, and zoom for...

Disneyland Resort: True, there are two special "Star Wars" Nites at the Anaheim theme park, on May 3 and 9, but you can bet that the Star-Wars-iest Place on Earth will absolutely be embracing May the Fourth on May 4. Space Mountain'll be rocking its Hyperspace Mountain overlay, and a 6 p.m. fan party is set for the Galactic Grill Stage. There's lots more, Jedi; read all now.

OUE Skyspace LA: The downtown destination, which is up, up, up high, making it closer to our idea of space than other places (though, honestly, aren't we always all in space?), will welcome Sword Play LA, stage some meet-and-greets with costumed characters, and sport some zingy themed cocktails, too. The price? It's $55, and, yep, that includes your ride on the Skyslide. Be there from 6 to 9 p.m. on May 4.

Sacramento: Zooming your X-Wing for the capital city on May 4? Make sure you stop by the planet, er, park called Fremont, as in Fremont Park, for a light saber battle. Plenty of shiny sabers'll be out, all to light the night, but arrive early: Over a thousand revelers turned up in 2017, making for quite the memorable glow.

House of Blues: If you're doing it up, May the Fourth-style, in Anaheim, consider heading for the concert venue for an early-in-the-evening revelry on May 4. "Costumes encouraged" is the word, oh yeah.

Riverside Municipal Auditorium: Prepare to take in a "sci-fi art exhibit," costumes aplenty, a shopping bazaar, a Cantina-style band o' outer space denizens, and lots more cinematic stuff as fans gather for the oh-so-major May the 4th Fest on, you got it, May 4.

Free Comic Book Day: Must you miss all of the merry May-the-Fourth-ing because of work, school, or other must-dos? Free Comic Book Day is here to help. It's on Saturday, May 5, and while it isn't strictly "Star Wars"-centered, you will be well-met should you wear your Yoda costume down to your favorite comic book shop. Well. Met.

Seeking more May the Fourth, you are? Visit the holiday's official site to roam all the happenings, much like a tauntaun so ably and swiftly roams the planet Hoth.

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